Newsletter: February 2017


Annual General Meeting - Reminder

The club AGM will be held on 26th February 2017 at 4pm at Not Now James (opposite the hospital) in Ruahine Street.

Several current committee members have indicated that they will not be available for the committee for the coming year so we really need some new faces and new ideas for the committee. Likewise, several incumbent officers will not be standing for their current positions this year and the following positions will be vacant:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
If you want the Palmerston North Cat Club to continue to exist please support the club by attending the AGM and then join us for a meal and social time afterwards at Speights Ale House, 17 Grey Street.

RSVP / Apologies: Emma Kimberley,

Annual General Meeting: Sunday, 26th February 2017
- Time: 4pm
- Location: Not Now James Cafe, 79 Ruahine St, Palmerston North

Our Sponsors

Our thanks to those supporting our 2017 show:
  • palaMOUNTAINS (getting another mention as rosette sponsors)
  • Yvonne Murphy & family of Amoenta Birmans
  • Jane Webster
  • Rangi & Miria Busby
  • Denise Grace of Jaymlynkatz Norwegian Forest Cats
  • Rob White
Visit our 2017 show page at any time to see how our sponsorship is growing.

Committee Meeting – 9th February 2017

- General
  • Discussed the insurance we pay for the club’s pack-up which is stored at the showgrounds.
  • Discussed Cahill Animal Hospital’s open day on Sunday 19th March, and look forward to participating in this.
  • The club’s Health & Safety Officer, Rangi Busby, has successfully completed the updated NZCF health and safety worksheet.
- 2017 Show
  • Finalised the show dinner venue, Not Now James, and menu (see later in the newsletter).  People wishing to come to the show dinner at $35 a head will pay for it with show entries (or if not entering, pay before close-of-entries date).
  • Judges’ flight bookings (include travel insurance) are underway.
  • Completed the health and safety data sheet (contacts, locations) required for the schedule.
- 2018 Show
  • The 2018 show application has been made.
- Next Meeting: Thursday, 9th March 2017
-- Time: 7.30pm
-- Location: Not Now James, Ruahine Street, Palmerston North


Rosette Sponsorship

Donations for rosettes and/or prizes to assist the committee in running our usual standard of show would be most welcome. Rosette packages available are:
  • Quality Presentations Top Ten $85
  • Quality Presentations Breeders' Awards of Merit $38
  • Yvonne Pender Top Ten $55
  • Yvonne Pender Breeders' Awards of Merit $25
Please contact the club secretary if you would like to sponsor rosettes for our upcoming show.

Contact: Emma Kimberley,

Breed Section Membership

Palmerston North Cat Club, as an affiliate member of the NZCF and an all breeds club, is entitled to be a breed section member for as many breed sections as wanted.  Accordingly the club has this year applied for breed section membership for the following breed sections:
  • Persian group   
  • Birman   
  • Ragdoll   
  • Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest Cat / Siberian   
  • Siamese group
  • Burmese group
  • British Shorthair
  • Abyssinian group
  • Ocicat
  • Sphynx


At the upcoming AGM (Sunday, 26th February) a decision will be made about what to do with the club’s many trophies.  The trophies have been unused at shows for a number of years now and have been residing in a committee member’s wardrobe.
Some of the trophies are historic, some are newer; they all have reasons they were purchased or donated.  On the other hand we don’t have enough committee members involved in our shows to have a dedicated Trophy Steward and without one preparing the trophies (and getting them back in time to be prepared) it is a time-consuming job.

Even if you are not attending the AGM, please let the club secretary know what you think should be done with our trophies.

Contact: Emma Kimberley,


Lorraine with domestic show cat, AJ, at New Plymouth
Profile – Lorraine Smith

In 1971 I acquired a blue domestic longhair kitten that I named Silver. He was a very much loved pet and seeing an advert for a Cat Show I decided to show him in the Domestic Section at the Palmerston North Show in June 1971.

Getting to the show was going to be a bit of an obstacle as my husband being a jockey needed the car to get to the races and our daughter Belinda was only a month old. Kiwi ingenuity kicked in so with the kitten in a cage on pram we set of to the show walking from Waldegrave Street to the hall on the corner of Fitzherbert Ave and Fergusson Street.  Once Silver was benched and settled I set off to spend the rest of the day at my parent’s home in Manson Street until the time came that we could go back to the venue. (No staying at shows in those early days you had to leave the hall and come back later unless you handled or scribed - and if the latter you weren’t allowed on the floor while judging was being done.)

Upon getting back to the hall we checked on our wee lad to see how he had done – 2nd in the Kitten Sweepstake and four 1st’s.  I was so proud of him but cannot recall how many kittens were in his class though you didn’t get rosettes, prizes and product like today.
Lorraine at a recent show

Looking around the venue I came upon the Persian section and needless to say this was the beginning of my venture into showing and breeding. I met a lovely lady by the name of Lyn Jensen with whom I became great friends.  A year later we went to Hastings to look at a litter of kittens she had.  Not knowing about the various sections and colours Graham and I decided to buy a shaded silver who was named Trevlyn Beau Sabruer (Beau for short).

Because his colour wasn’t in the standard solid colours or blue-cream he had to be shown as an AOC for which no challenges were awarded - if there were Companion classes back then he could have been shown in them.  Apart from his colour we had a lot of fun with him so when it was race day we loaded up the car; baby, cat, and pram, and away we went.

At Wanganui in 1973 he won his first Special Prize and at Palmerston North show in June won another Special Prize.  This was a good year so far and in July I promised Lyn I would bring him to the Havelock North Show. He did really well and went Best Opposite sex, and was Best Groomed under the late Wilma Tasker.
Lorraine at the club’s High Tea
(with Denise and Neville Grace)

Around 1974 I met Wendy Okey and about that time became a member of the Palmerston North Cat Club and also became a committee member. Wendy became a breeder so Graham and I decided to get another kitten. I had fallen in love with solid colours and decided a lovely cream boy was to be our new venture.  Needless to say he was named after one of the horses at the stable where Graham worked hence he became Kimberly Bobby Dazzler.

In 1977 Bobby met with a lot of success on the show bench and attained the title of Grand Premier which was as high as a cat could get back then.  The bug had well and truly bitten by that stage and I decided I would buy a female - once again from Wendy - a blue-cream that was named Kimberly Felicity. I applied for the prefix Chammosaire and bred under this until retiring from breeding.
Buffy (left) and AJ (right)

Wendy and I had become good friends, she being Secretary of the club and myself a committee member.  She was also the club delegate and representative for the Central Region and NZCF, plus Longhair Registrar so we spent a lot of time in her office writing out the litters of kittens for registration as it was all done by hand - no computers back then.

So began my involvement with the club spending numerous years on the committee. Then one day I had a call from the Late Bryan Surgenor asking if I would consider being club Treasurer.  Duly elected I wondered what I had let myself in for but my friend and Ilsa very kindly helped me through this time.  The club wasn’t in a very good financial state then so money had to be fund-raised.

I have seen many people come and go during my time in the club and changes within the NZCF itself.  I’ve been on the committee for three National Shows in Palmerston North.  Waiting in the cold to bench cats is something I don’t miss. 
Life member Lorraine with other life members,
Bev Thompson (left) and the late Bryan Surgenor (right)

I’ve met many people who have contributed a lot of time and their own resources over the years I’ve been involved with the club. To name a few; Joyce Coleman, (past life member) Wendy Okey, Ted Strawbridge and his wife, Bryan & Ilsa Surgenor, Bev Thomson, and latterly Rob & Colleen White.

My wish for the club & its future will be that you all stay united on the committee and work together amicably.  Don’t get frivolous with the money remembering you have a show to pay for the following year.  Keep up with the fundraising as this is the future of the club. Attracting good judges is a big thing to make a show like ours a success – along with making a profit at the door.

All the best for your show this year.  Being there as a spectator is one thing I am truly looking forward to.



Show Dinner Menu

All of the catering is freshly handmade on the premises of Not Now James.  Dietary requirements can be met if advised to the club when paying for the dinner.

- Starter
-- Pumpkin Soup with Breads

- Mains served as a buffet
-- Champagne Ham (hot)
-- Roasted Potatoes (hot)
-- Broccoli Chicken Salad
-- Pearl Couscous Cranberry Feta Nuts
-- Spinach Pumpkin Beetroot Feta Salad

- Dessert
-- Pav Rolls
-- Fresh Fruit Salad 

History Notes – 1980

More from the 1980s, this time a page from the April 1980 edition of Flash Cats.  It shows part of the minutes from the 31st National Executive meeting which contain the granting of club colours to the Birman Cat Club, a reminder that Abyssinians are ‘Red’ not ‘Cinnamon’, and mention of a proposed standard for bicolour Orientals which missed the cut off for the meeting.  Also the National Secretary misses a court date.


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