Newsletter: March 2017


Entries Close 7th April

There's n left until entries close for our 63rd All Breeds show so please get your entries in as soon as possible.

The show schedule can be downloaded from the NZCF Show webpage.

New Member

Palmerston North Cat Club is pleased to be able to welcome a returning member, Jasmine Austin.  Welcome back, Jasmine.  (And straight onto the committee, too!)

Palmerston North Cat Club President’s Report 2017

Following last year’s Annual General Meeting the committee geared up for the huge effort and the large amount of time and work that went into running the NZCF National Show in May 2016. It was generally acknowledged by the NZCF Executive Council and by those who attended that it was a most successful National Show. As with any show, there were minor hiccups which were overcome efficiently and, financially, the Club made a very healthy profit from the show although, as is usual, this was mostly from the door take due to an excellent public attendance. An innovation that was introduced at this show that has since been talked about both in New Zealand and overseas was the use of scratching poles on the Judges’ tables. These received enthusiastic approval from cats and judges and we have Paul Holden to thank for making the concept of these into a very well received reality. My heartfelt thanks to all the committee members who worked so hard to produce such a great show.

The past year has not been an easy one for the committee because just two weeks after the National Show we were saddened by the passing of Colleen White after a very courageous battle with cancer. Colleen was made a Life member of the Club at last year’s AGM and was the Secretary of the Club up until that meeting. Colleen’s passing has affected several of the committee members very deeply and she is very greatly missed.

As is usual at this time of the year, we are currently preparing for our next Show which will be held on Sunday May 7th. Any show requires a lot of work and a lot of effort for it to be a success and in order for all the work not to have to be borne by a few stalwart people we really need new people to come forward to go onto the committee.

Further to that, Kerry Holden who has been the Show Secretary for the Club for the last three years, has resigned from the committee and both Genevieve Rogerson and our current Treasurer, Lorraine Smith, have indicated that they will not be available to serve on the committee for the coming year. Kerry, Genevieve and Lorraine have all contributed a lot to the Club over the years that they have served on the committee and their input will be greatly missed.

It is my intention to stand down from the position of President at this AGM. Except for a break of four months, I have served on this committee continuously for 16 years, the past four years as President and as Vice President for three years prior to that and feel that it is time for somebody else to take the reins. In the time that I have been on the committee the Palmerston North Cat Club has been known as one of the most dynamic and progressive Clubs and our shows are well known for their high standards. I sincerely hope that the Club will continue to be strong and active and will not go the way that so many in the country are going at the moment.

My very best wishes for future success to the incoming Officers and Committee. While I prefer not to hold any official position in the Club, I will always be happy to support the Club and help wherever I can.

Denise Grace
26th February 2017


Annual General Meeting

Thank you to all those of our members who attended the AGM at the end of February.  There were no changes to the subscription and the following officers and committee members of Palmerston North Cat Club Inc were elected to serve the 2017/2018 term.  [As can be seen, Denise’s efforts to stand down from the presidency were unsuccessful!]

President: Denise Grace
Vice-President: Rangi Busby
Secretary: Emma Kimberley
Treasurer: Mushfik Yeung
- Jasmine Austin   
- Miria Busby (assistant secretary)   
- Diane Gaskin   
- Paul Holden   
- Judy James
- Ross James
- Yvonne Murphy
- Jane Webster
- Christine Yeung
Webmaster: Jane Webster
Honorary Veterinary Surgeon: Genevieve Rogerson
Patron: Yvonne Murphy

One of the things discussed at the meeting was how to get more Club members involved – and if those who weren’t able to attend have any suggestions please send them on to any of this year’s committee members.

As usual after the AGM those who had time gathered for an enjoyable dinner, this year at the Speights Ale House.


The attendees at the AGM discussed what should happen with all the trophies as they have not been being used at shows for some time. The decision was made that they are to be brought back into circulation. We are hoping that we can get them out and sorted and will plan to award the trophies for Supremes at this year's show.

Between now and our 2018 show we will have a working bee to sort and catalogue them and check which ones need repairs etc.

Rosette Sponsorship - Reminder

Our show is fast approaching and so time is running out to contribute to the lovely display of rosettes that the Palmerston North show is known for. Rosette packages available are:
  • Quality Presentations Top Ten $85
  • Quality Presentations Breeders' Awards of Merit $38
  • Yvonne Pender Top Ten $55
  • Yvonne Pender Breeders' Awards of Merit $25
Please contact the club secretary if you would like to sponsor rosettes for our upcoming show.

Contact: Emma Kimberley,

Our Sponsors

Our thanks to those supporting our 2017 show:
  • Emma Kimberley (rosettes and Supreme Companion trophy sponsor)
  • Cahill Animal Hospital, in Palmerston North at 261 Broadway Avenue
  • the Grantley Family
  • Pet Stay, boarding for cats and dogs, located at 32 Colyton Road, Feilding
  • Kiwicoons, Maine Coon breeders from Auckland
  • Concerto Birmans, committee member, Judy James, in Rongotea
  • Louise Fenn (donated prizes)
  • Cairistona Burmese & Mandalay – committee member, Christine, & club treasurer, Mush Yeung, in Palmerston North
  • Nudelicious Sphynx – committee member, Diane Gaskin, in Feilding
Visit our 2017 show page at any time to see how our sponsorship is growing.

Committee Meeting – 9th March 2017

- General
New members to the committee were warmly welcomed.

Final arrangements were made for the Open Day at the Cahill Veterinary Hospital on April 19th [Note: This was very successful for both Cahills and the Club with a large public attendance.]

- 2017 Show
Further arrangements for the upcoming show were finalised and a date set for a ‘working bee’ to sort prizes.

- Next Meeting: Thursday, 13th April 2017
- - Time: 7.30pm
- - Location: Not Now James, Ruahine Street, Palmerston North

Show Set-Up on Saturday 6th May

We would welcome helpers for show set-up on Saturday 6th May. Please let Emma, Rangi, or Paul know if you are willing and available to help so that we can make sure we have enough people to get the job done.

- Paul Holden, 021 541 755
- Rangi Busby,
- Emma Kimberley,

History Notes – 1954

- Name: Nunbourne Challenge Cup

- History: Appears in the 1954 Palmerston North Cat Club Show Catalogue though the earliest inscription isn’t until 1955.  (The dates which are listed on the first few inscriptions are not the dates of the club’s show for that year.)

- Inscription: P.N.C.C., Nunbourne Challenge Cup, Presented by Miss P. Powell, Best Kitten in Show

- Award Inscriptions:
1955    Miss D. Hammonds Mylynn Chilla 18-3-55
1957    Miss Lovejoys Highland Fairmaid 30-3-57
1958    Miss. E. Smith 14-3-58
1959    Mrs. B. Sedcole’s Ellrose Bredon Mischief
1960    Mrs V. Irvings Telaka 13-2-60
1961    Mr. F.M. Young’s Waiteti Tuahine 18-2-61
1963    Mrs M Dyer’sJendai Fa Ying
1966    Pembroke
1967    Mrs J Coleman Seabury Anna
1968    Miss I. M. Hill’s Ileda Kulkani
1969    Miss M. Greene’s Tiffanyvale Pushti
1970    Miss M. E. Milgrews Stoneyhills Tay Chee
1971    Archville Chocolate Maiying
1972    Mr & Mrs J. Millers Bluejay Barbarella
1973    Mr. S. Meek Ironside Popcorn
1974    CJ & VA Jerome’s Koshka Pahtama Thami
1975    Mr. G.R. Woodfield’s Maylene Myanyi
1976    S.A. Sidwell’s Forsyte Abasina
1980    S. Brock Springwell Scaramadie
1981    Chinook Brown Stardust
1984    A. Perry Aarex Ebonette (32)
1985    Mr J Ridge Kandida Benjamin
1986    A. Perry’s Aarex Coke Cola (32)
1989    Muong Pretty Pixie
1990    M. & M. Roy Nodrog Zoe
1992    Surgenor’s Kaloofa Tom Foolery (Aust)
1993    Surgenor’s Kendrick Castinette
1994    W. & E. Grover Souvrani Mishka
1997    Surgenor’s Kendrick Just William
1999    J. Robinson Abyrose Angelica 23A
2000    M. & M. Roy’s Zjadez Quintessence
2001    L. Jones Kendrick The Sophisticate
2002    L. Jones Montalino Wind Dancer
2003    C. Lawson & M. Magrath Zjadez Tabitha Twitchet

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